Master Hovercraft Pilot and Maintenance Training Syllabus

Prerequisites: Completed Standard Hovercraft Pilot and Maintenance Training or logged minimum 20 hours of hovercraft pilot experience.
Course Length: Average 2 days, 10-11 hours per day, depending on training specifications
Objectives: Students should understand advanced techniques of flight and master cutting edge hovercraft operation and maintenance in extreme conditions, as well as refined techniques and maneuvers required for their application
Home Study: Students should read the Hovercraft Pilot Training Manual

1. Ground Training(Morning Session)

Depending on the experience and skill of each student, Advanced Training introduces or reviews the information taught in Standard Training and provides an understanding of the advanced physics behind hovercraft operation that helps master techniques and maneuvers known only by experienced pilots.

2. Lunch(Provided by Hovercraft Training Centers)

3. Flight Training(Afternoon Session)

Hands-on Land-to-Water Hover TrainingStudents in this accelerated course perform real-world, task-specific drills such as:

  • Overloaded hovercraft hump performance operations
  • Critical depth operations
  • Extreme weather conditions (Seasonal and some travel to training site may be required.)
  • Difficult access areas maneuvering (Requires travel to training site.)
  • Special conditions maintenance and equipment preparation techniques
  • Students must demonstrate completion standards set forth in Standard Training.

Clean Hovercraft; Check and Inspect Plugs

4. Course Completion

  • Comprehension test and discussion
  • Critique and feedback on Training Course
  • Presentation of Advanced Pilot Training Certificate in photo session for Hovercraft Training Centers