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NOTE: All downloads require the latest version of freely-available ADOBE ACROBAT READER

Hovercraft Pilot Training Manual and Hovercraft in Rescue Operations Manual:

To download the Hovercraft Pilot Training Manual and/or the Hovercraft in Rescue Operations Manual, you must login with the username and password issued to you by Hovercraft Training Centers.

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Neoteric Hovertrek™ Parts Manual and Hirth Engine Manuals

The following Manuals may be downloaded without login from the Neoteric Hovercraft website

  • Hovertrek™ Parts Manual
  • Engine/Reverse Thrust
  • Hirth 55HP Engine Parts
  • Hirth 65HP Engine Parts
  • Hirth 100HP Engine Parts
  • Hirth Fuel Injection Parts
  • Hirth Oil Injection System
  • Hirth Rebuild Notes

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